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Do Pizzy Mozzarella Block Cheese (4 Blocks) – NGN 75,000


Indulge in Do Pizzy’s creamy and flavorful Mozzarella block cheese, the perfect ingredient for all your cheesy cravings!

4 BLOCK = NGN 75,000

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Do pizzy Mozzarella Block Cheese is a high-quality cheese that is perfect for making delicious pizzas at home. This cheese is made from fresh milk sourced from dairy farms and has a rich, creamy texture and a mild, delicate flavor. It is grated easily and melts smoothly, making it an ideal topping for pizzas, lasagnas, and other Italian dishes.

This cheese is free of any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, making it a healthy and natural choice for the whole family. The Do pizzy Mozzarella Block Cheese comes in a convenient block shape that can be easily sliced, shredded or cubed as per your requirement. It is a must-have in your kitchen if you love making homemade pizzas that taste just like those from the pizzeria


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