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Full Details of What Mofemart.ng Online Store Sells in Lagos

Lagos State, the former capital of Nigeria and one of the leading commercial hubs in the country, is home to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and established online store brands alike. Considering the daily hustle and bustle, the long hours spent moving around the state and having lots of activities to do – it might be almost impossible to stock-up your house. Thankfully, you can use our platform, Mofemart.ng to buy up to 60% of your household food items.

Which online grocery store is the best in Lagos, Nigeria? Mofemart.ng is the leading online store that specializes in providing supermarket and grocery items with home delivery available in Lagos State.

This article highlights some of the products we sell at Mofemart.ng.

Bedding Sets & Collections

This product category is targeted at new parents who are looking to keep their newborns safe. On the list are the:

  • Foldable Mosquito Net: this mosquito net is not just foldable, but is also easy to assemble, durable and suitable for all ages and skin types. You can count on it to keep your family safe from mosquito bites during the day and at night.
  • Mattress Protector: want to keep your mattress safe and free of allergens and bug infestations? You need the 100% cotton, 4.5 x 6 mattress protector. It is specially designed to prevent bug infestations and allergens on your mattress while insulating warmth and comfortable breathing for you.

Baby Products

Want your newborn to eat decent meals that not only enhance their brainpower but also boost energy? Our line of baby products offers just that.

The following are some of the baby products you can find on Mofemart.ng:

  • Kellogs moon and stars
  • Dano vita kids children’s milk
  • Peak full cream
  • Peak 1,2,3 Tin (refill)
  • Kellogs cocopops box
  • Peak baby infant formula (tin)


For now, Mofemart.ng doesn’t retail wines and spirits. We deal more on energy drinks and yoghurts. For our yoghurts, we have the following:

  • Dano Yoghurt

If you are looking to buy energy drinks either for you or your kids, rest assured that the following items are the perfect fit for that purpose:

  • Dano cool cow (refill)
  • Dano full cream milk (refill)
  • Dano full ream milk
  • Dano vita kids chldren’s milk

Other drinks available at our store are:

  • Elle and Vire Cream Cheese
  • Dano slim milk (refill)

Food Cupboard

The food cupboard is basically the groceries section on Mofemart.ng. Here, you will find a cross-section of groceries you can find in other offline supermarkets.

We have gathered all these and made them readily available for you to shop online and have them delivered to the doorstep of your Lagos home.

The following are some of the groceries you can buy on Mofemart at this time:

  • Country fresh vanilla
  • Bridle unsalted butter
  • Ambassador unsalted butter
  • Bama mayonnaise
  • Cadbury caramello ice cream
  • Dairy maid country fresh choca-cara-nilla

You can view the full collection of groceries via this link.

Packaged Foods

In need of food that you can use to make meals faster? Mofemart online store, Lagos has a cross-section of packaged foods. On the list are:

  • TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes
  • Frangosul Chicken Frank

Mile 12 Market

Despite the bustles of the city, there is one market that most Lagosians don’t fail to visit if they have the time to spare. It is the Mile 12 Market. With the full name as the Mile 12 International Market, it is widely acclaimed for being a rallying point for many Lagosians looking to get food items at decent prices.

One thing is outstanding about this market though – fresh (perishable) food items are mostly sold here. From your tomatoes to peppers and vegetables, you can be sure of finding them here.

However, it is mostly crowded, as sellers and buyers alike from different parts of the country (and even from neighboring countries) come here for their daily food transactions.

You don’t want to be pushing your way through the crowd, and being undecided on what to buy after seeing lots of food items on display at affordable prices.

That is why we have brought the popular Mile 12 Market online. On Mofemart.ng, you can buy almost all the items you find in Mile 12 Market from our platform – right from the comfort of your home.

We have also added a list of other items you may be interested in. Here is a list of some of the food items you can shop on Mofemart’s Mile 12 Market:

Dry Foods

These refer to the foods or consumables you can eat without having to recook them. On the list are the popular Kilishi and the Eyinimofe Deboned Shawa Fillet.

Fresh Meat

We understand the challenges that come with having meat stored without losing taste by the time you are ready to use it.

We have taken measures to prevent that from happening by offering a variety of fresh meats on Mofemart.ng. You can choose from any of the following:

  • Turkey ham
  • Minced meat beef
  • Tulip pepperoni


As our way of improving your poultry intake, we have made a list of poultry items you can choose from on our online store. The list cuts across chicken (the most popular), gizzard and sausages.

  • Mini Raisin Whirl
  • Chicken wings
  • Chi Smoked Whole Chicken
  • Chi Beef Sausage Meat
  • Chi Chicken Laps
  • Chi Value Sausage
  • Doux Sausage
  • Gizzard
  • Chi Whole Dressed Chicken

Sea Foods

We also have a wide range of seafood items you can buy on Mofemart. We have:

  • Peeled shrimps
  • Peeled jumbo tiger prawns
  • Titus fish (mackerel)
  • Salmon fillets
  • Turkey bacon (slice)
  • Smoked salmon fillets
  • Peeled king tiger prawns


Mofemart.ng also retails over 10 different vegetables and offers real-time delivery for the same in Lagos. Our vegetable food items include:

  • Broccolis
  • Fresh green peas
  • Golden Phoenix French Fries
  • Boreal mixed vegetables
  • Fresh mixed vegetable

Why Order from Mofemart.ng Online Store in Lagos?

There’s no doubt that there are tens of online stores in Lagos, but Mofemart.ng stands out for the following reasons: excellent food item collections, fast delivery and good customer support.

We take the stress of shopping for groceries in Lagos off you. With the click of a few buttons, you can add groceries and other food items to your cart, pay online and have them delivered to you in Lagos before the end of the day.



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10 Items You Can Put in Your Christmas and Valentine’s Day Hamper this Season and Where to Buy Them in Lagos

Where can I buy a hamper for Christmas and Valentine’s Day in Lagos, Nigeria? Mofemart.ng is the most reliable online store to purchase your Christmas and Valentine’s Day hamper in Lagos. A hamper is a basket or box intended for carrying foods and items meant as gifts. Hampers are presented as gifts at different times of the year, but it is mostly done during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Do you need ideas of the items to put in your Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper this season? Read this article to find out.

1. Chocolate Christmas Hamper

Chocolates make great gifts and if you are looking at getting the best Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper, adding a couple of chocolates to it is a good idea.

One thing you must do is to vary the gifts, by choosing different chocolates. Due to concentration, eating one type of chocolate might not be savory for the taste bud. But when you throw in two or more types of chocolates, it makes sense.

2. Drinks

If there is one item that should not be missing in a Christmas hamper, it has to be drinks. From champagne to energy drinks and soda, you don’t want to leave out any drink in your hamper.

And when it comes to choosing a drink for the Christmas hamper, there are lots of choices to pick from. Depending on the recipient, you can choose from champagne and energy drinks.

If you prefer energy drinks, especially if the recipient is a family with lots of children, it makes sense to go for specific energy drinks.

At Mofemart, we offer a variety of energy drinks meant to boost the energy of kids and make them lively. The list of energy drinks we retail includes:

  • Milo energy food drink
  • Peak full cream and;
  • Peak filled milk

We also retail the following drinks:

  • Lactel Dessert Vanilla
  • Kolios Halloumi
  • Lactel Dessert Nature Plain and;
  • Lactel Fruity Mixed Berries: this is a fat-free yoghurt, designed to help you lose fat while maintaining a good digestive system.

You can also add wines & spirits to your Christmas hamper. This works best if you are looking to present the hamper to an elderly person. For the best results, consider buying wines and spirits that have a little alcohol percentage.

3. Aromatherapy Products can Go 

Sometimes, people limit the items to be added to a Christmas hamper to wines, spirits, chocolates and other sweet treats. Yet, some other items can be added and they will make great gifts.

Aromatherapy products refer to some of the daily products needed in the home and which will serve a great deal for the recipients.

Examples of the aromatherapy products you want to add to the Christmas hamper are:

  • Toilet soap
  • Candles
  • Hand creams and;
  • Diffusers

4. Throw in some Canned Foods

It is Christmas and everyone has one thing or another doing. With lots of places to visit, many visitors to attend to and getting sapped of energy at the end of the day; most people wouldn’t be able to cook a decent meal to eat after all these activities.

It would be a great idea if you can throw some canned foods into the Christmas hamper. That way, your loved ones get to make good meals in the nick of time.

The best-canned foods are those that can double as ingredients. We have one on Mofe Mart called TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes. It is a 400g tomato juice that can be used to prepare rice or other grains for the festive season.

5. Consumables Make Great Christmas Hampers

Items to put in your Christmas or Valentines Day hamper in Lagos

This is perhaps, one of the Christmas hamper ideas you have ignored. You are not alone because some givers also overlook it, but having some consumables in the hamper can make all the difference.

Consumables in this case include but are not limited to food spices, tea things (milk and coffee), sauce and butter spread. You can also buy canned foods like corned beef, baked beans, hot dog, green peas and sweet corn.

6. Non-Consumables Can also Go

Just like the consumables, non-consumable items can also be added to a Christmas hamper. As the name suggests, these are items that cannot be consumed or eaten.

On the list are:

  • Shampoo
  • Stainless steel pots
  • Air fresheners
  • Dish sets
  • Liquid soap and;
  • Wine glasses

7. Be Creative

One of the best ways to come up with Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper ideas is to be creative about it. We have so far made a list of 6 different Christmas hamper ideas you can try.

Which Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper idea has occurred to you? It could be adding a few gift cards to the hamper. It could also be buying a bundle of one item and sending to your loved ones.

Whichever the case might be, the goal is to come up with something unique.

8. Let there be Wine

Some Christmas hampers can be wine throughout. The unique way to go about it is to make a collection of different wines and pack them in one basket.

You can also vary between alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. Red wines are also a great idea to buy in your hamper package in Lagos.

9. Get a Food Hamper

We have seen people go contrary to the convention of buying wines, canned foods and sweet treats as Christmas hampers. One popular trend now is to buy a hamper filled with lots of food.

As this is Christmas, it makes sense to buy more of consumable items than items that can be “snacked on.”

If you are feeling adventurous, it will be a perfect idea to buy 5 kg of rice, a paint of beans, and a couple of cooking items and spice it up with a bottle of red wine.

10. Make it Count with Cards

Besides the joy of Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the thrills of reuniting with loved ones and lots of things to feast on, there is also a greater deal with enjoying premium entertainment.

Why don’t you add more of cards to the Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper you want to buy in Lagos? This could be gift cards, as well as tickets to some movies.


The Christmas season is a time to reflect on the events of the year, plan for the New Year and reel in the enjoyments that come with the season. While the Valentine’s Day season is the time to express your love. When you buy a hamper for your loved one via our online store in Lagos, you will make them feel loved.

Got loved ones who you want to appreciate? Take a look at the Christmas hamper ideas we shared in this article and run with any of them. Call us at +2348028129470 or visit our online store to start shopping for your hamper in Lagos – https://mofemart.ng/shop/


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The Ultimate Guide Hospital Bag Checklist for a Pregnant Woman Going for Her Baby Delivery in Lagos

Tensions mount as a pregnant woman approaches the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) because they will need to update their hospital bag checklist. From wondering about the type of clothes to pack for the baby to the items to put in the bag – it is a tough decision-making process.

However, you want to have in mind that the process of packing the baby’s things and that of yourself too as a pregnant woman can be simplified if you had a hospital bag checklist. In this article, we talk about some of the items you don’t want to miss adding to your hospital bag ahead of D-day.

Things to Pack for the Mum

It doesn’t matter if you are using separate bags (which is what it should be anyway). One thing you must note is that the mummy things are different from the baby things. The items the expectant mom packs are way bigger than that of the baby.

As an expectant mom, here are some of the things you are expected to bring along with you to the hospital in your bag checklist as a pregnant woman before your delivery:

1. Hospital Card

If possible, you may want to bring the hospital file, containing some of the important documents, such as your hospital card.

The following are some of the additional documentation to bring:

  • Medical Records: this helps the doctor to have a detailed breakdown of your medical history.
  • Insurance Paperwork: bringing documents of your health insurance is also important, assuming you have an existing policy.

2. Lotion

Some expectant moms find it hard to relax without massaging. If this is the thing for you, coming with a lotion or massage oil will help the nurses to relieve your stress.

3. Dressing Gown

Wearing a maternity gown at this point is a no-no. Instead, you want something lighter. Although the hospital may provide you with free clothing, it may be a good idea to come with yours.

You can choose from modern clothing items like joggers or go for the local attires like jalabia and abaya.

4. Maternity Pads

These are different from regular pads in the sense that they are bigger and generally softer. You need maternity pads to help absorb more blood flow, which is common after giving birth.

5. Slippers

You can either go for soft flat slippers or flip-flops. Those help you to walk around freely within the hospital.

6. Bring Your Toiletries

Birthing a baby takes some time and could run into hours. During this time, there are a lot of bodily cleanups to do. From cleaning the face to visiting the restroom and taking baths constantly – you wouldn’t be able to do all that without the right toiletries.

So, endeavor to pack the toiletries you need. Examples are:

  • Body towel
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • Cosmetics
  • Cotton wool and;
  • Disposable pants

7. Electronics

Your phone comes in handy, especially if you are looking to capture happy moments. Daring expectant moms sometimes come with a digital camera to cover the entire process but if you are not so hearted, you can stick to taking pictures with your phone’s camera.

Depending on your phone’s battery capacity, you may want to come with a power bank so you keep your device powered all day.

8. Nightdresses

As the name suggests, these are the dresses you put on at night. The rule of thumb is to go for the front-opening nightdresses for one reason – these dresses help you breastfeed the baby with ease.

9. Food Things

These include your food flasks for preserving food, a cup, a spoon for eating and a vacuum flask for keeping the water hot or warm, depending on what you want.

You should also consider bringing beverages and snacks. For inspiration, we have energy drinks like Peak milk and snack items like Milk and Yoghurt products. You can buy them online and have them delivered to your hospital ward.

Here is a list of the additional items expectant moms should take to the hospital for baby delivery:

  • Lip balm
  • Nursing bras
  • A tin of glucose
  • Books or magazines to keep yourself entertained.
  • Journal and pen for penning down your birthing process.

What to Pack for the Baby in Your Hospital Bag Checklist as a Pregnant Woman

Generally, you want to pack the following items for your newborn:

  • Baby sponge
  • Gloves
  • Disinfectant
  • Olive oil
  • Pack of baby wipes and diapers
  • Bathing foam
  • Baby hat
  • Methylated spirit
  • Baby blanket or shawl
  • Toiletries for the baby: this includes the baby lotion, soft hair brush and shampoo. Others include bathing soap and cotton wool.
  • Baby Clothing: this includes the clothes for sleeping and taking the baby home once discharged from the hospital.
  • Umbilical cord clamps help soften and remove the umbilical cords from the baby after birth.
  • Baby socks
  • Mosquito Net: this depends on the duration you would stay in the hospital. The hospital should provide you with a mosquito net or something equivalent to that to keep the baby safe from mosquito bites and allergies. But once you are home, you need a better net to protect both the baby and the family. You can choose either the Foldable Mosquito Net or the Mattress Protector.
  • Baby vests or cardigans
  • Flask for keeping the baby’s water warm and;
  • Shea butter

Other Items for Expectant Mothers Going for Baby Delivery in Lagos

Before your EDD buy these items online from Mofemart in Lagos


While the items we mentioned above are the most important, there are also a couple of other items you should consider getting. Below is a list of these items and why they matter:

Rechargeable Fan

You need this, especially if the hospital doesn’t have a reliable power supply. Even if it does, you need a source of air that is closer to you. The rechargeable fan is ever-handy.

Spare Cash

Beyond paying the hospital bills, and buying the expectant mom and baby things, you also need to have spare cash. For example, you may crave snacks or have an important bill to pay at the hospital.

Having extra money with you saves a lot of headaches.

Final Words

Choose the best hospital in Lagos to deliver your baby and you will be glad you did. But above all, make sure you have the necessary items (such as the ones we listed in this article). We wish you a stress-free delivery.


Where to buy kilishi in Lagos Nigeria Kilishi - Big Size of 60gCategoriesHealthy Foods Tips & Tricks

Where and How to Buy Nigerian Kilishi Online at an Affordable Price

Kilishi is a Nigerian beef jerky that you can now easily buy online. Also called meat jerky, beef jerky is a term used to describe thin strips of meat that are cut and dehydrated to prevent spoilage. According to Wikipedia, Kilishi became a necessary measure to prevent meat spoilage, as it could potentially last for months due to the preservatory methods used when preparing it.

Today, thousands of Nigerians have not just used Kilishi as a meat preservation method. They have also taken to eating Kilishi as a snack. From Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to Lagos and mainstream cities like Enugu, Port Harcourt and Kano, you can find this snack as one of the most-consumed.

However, due to the stressful preservatory methods, you may want to buy the end product rather than make one from the start. If that is the case, we are pleased to point you to some of the places where you can buy Nigerian Kilishi online – no matter where you are.

Buy Nigerian Kilishi from Instagram

By placing your order for Nigerian Kilishi online, you are simply asking the seller to confirm the availability of the snack, process the delivery and have it delivered to your designated address.

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform under Meta, has become a potential platform to shop for Kilishi. One of the reasons for the popularity is that vendors tend to display live images and videos of the Kilishi.

To buy Kilishi on Instagram, you have to follow the best sellers. Here is a list of the top Nigerian Kilishi sellers on Instagram:

1. Mofemart

Where is the best place to buy kilishi online at an affordable price in Lagos, Nigeria? Mofemart.ng is the best online store to purchase quality and tasty kilishi in Lagos, Nigeria. Mofemart is an online store cum mart serving Lagos, Nigeria. We have a variety of Nigerian Kilishi in our store and we make real-time deliveries within and outside Lagos.

Here is a list of our Nigerian Kilishi:

  1. Plesky Beef Jerky: this goes for 1,200. It is a freshly-processed Kilishi from Abuja, Nigeria and available to be ordered in bulk quantities. It is available in the following sizes: 35g, 80g, 90g and 150g.
  2. Kilishi – Big Plastic: this is a 120g of Kilishi, packaged in a plastic plate. It weighs 0.12kg and retails for 1,200 per plate.
  3. Kilishi – Small Sachet: working on a budget but still craving the Nigerian Kilishi? Don’t worry; we have a package for you. The Small Sachet Kilishi is a 30g Kilishi retailing for 300.

To place your order for quality, hygienically prepared, tasty and original kilishi call Mofemart.ng at +2348028129470.

2. Matasa Abuja Kilishi

This is a Kilishi seller in Abuja, Nigeria. Matasa Abuja Kilishi mainly covers the nation’s capital, but can also make waybill deliveries for orders outside the FCT.

To place your order, visit the online shop for kilishi to get different sizes.

3. Mandnkilishi

If you are looking to buy Nigerian Kilishi online in Lagos, one of the best-sellers has to be Mandnkilishi.

What makes this seller different, you may ask? After taking a look at the Instagram page (which appears to be new), we came to the following conclusions:

  • Packaging: Mandnkilishi makes an excellent package of the Kilishi, by using branded nylons. This adds an extra layer of protection to the product until the last consumption.
  • Affordability: Don’t forget that we are talking about Nigerian Kilishi that you can afford. With as little as 1,000, you should be able to have a packet of the Mandnkilishi.

If you are interested in ordering kilishi online, call us today or send a WhatsApp message at +2348028129470.

4. Kilishi By Shims

This is another Kilishi seller but with the difference that deliveries are not limited to one state. You can place your order call, +2348028129470.

Kilishi By Shims makes nationwide deliveries and operates on a payment-before-delivery basis.

5. First Lady Kilishi

The title on the Instagram bio says “Nigeria’s No1 Kilishi.” With over 1,000 followers and about 380 posts at the time of writing, there is no doubt that First Lady Kilishi has grown a base of satisfied Kilishi buyers on Instagram.

The following are some of the reasons why you should buy from this seller:

Streamlined Process

First Lady Kilishi has different optimized profiles on her Instagram page. You get to see the:

  • Reviews from previous and existing customers
  • The processes of making the Kilishi
  • The Kilishi Menu and;
  • The Kilishi Packs

How to Order Kilishi

There are two major ways to order Nigerian Kilishi online from First Lady Kilishi. You can do that by either sending a Direct Message to +2348028129470.

First Lady Kilishi also does refunds if the order didn’t go as planned.

Buy Nigerian Kilishi at Online Stores

Another way to buy the popular thin strips of meat in Nigeria is by visiting some of the top online stores.

We have made a list of some of these stores and some of the options they have available.

6. The Market Foodshop

The Market Foodshop is another popular online store that retails Nigerian Kilishi. Unlike Mofemart, it appears not to have a low-end offer for the snack, as the one we found on the site retails for 5,000 to 10,000.

Below is the information regarding the Kilishi from this online store:

  • Spicy: the snack is medium heat.
  • Variations: it has both the medium pack and the big pack, which retail for 5,000 and 10,000, respectively.
  • Delivery Information: For now, The Market Foodshop only makes deliveries of the snack within the country.
  • Nutritional Information: the following are the nutritional components – 3g of carbohydrates, 123 calories, 1g of fat and 20g of protein. The aforementioned are for the 100 grams of Nigerian Kilishi.

How to Order Nigerian Kilishi Online


If you are looking to buy and have the snack delivered to your home, it is pertinent for you to make a decision on where and how to order.

The common options are to go through Instagram and pick some of the best offers from any of the vendors we mentioned in this article. You can either send them a DM on Instagram or chat with them on their respective WhatsApp lines.

If you want to buy from Mofemart or any of the online stores, browse through the list of Kilishi and add the ones you want to your cart. Enter the delivery information, make an online payment and wait for your order to arrive.


Nigerian Kilishi never goes out of style. Even outside the shores of the country, it is well-appreciated and has become one of Nigeria’s most popular snacks. With as little as 300, you can place an order for the Plesky Beef Jerky from Mofemart and have it delivered within 24 hours anywhere you are in Nigeria.

ALSO READWhere to Purchase Groceries Online in Lagos with Fast Delivery

Places to purchase groceries online in LagosCategoriesHealthy Foods Tips & Tricks

Where to Purchase Groceries Online in Lagos with Fast Delivery

If you are looking for where to purchase groceries online in Lagos, read this article to the end. Groceries refer to the items of food you buy at a supermarket or mart. These items range from frozen foods, seafoods, dairy, pastries and canned goods.

In this article, we make a list of the top online grocery stores in Lagos that enable online shopping and real-time delivery.

1. Mofemart

Mofemart is a leading online supermarket and grocery delivery service operating in Nigeria. We cover most parts of the country, with a special concentration on Lagos.

We thrive in providing 100% natural goods, with a high standard for the quality of these goods. We also partner with farmers and top brands to bring you the best of online grocery shopping at affordable prices.

Shop with Us

At Mofemart, we have different kinds of groceries on our site. You can shop for packaged goods, drinks & wine, canned foods and groceries.

Currently, our top-selling products are as follows:

  • Dano slim milk
  • Corn kernel 12x 500g
  • President Resident Emmental Cheese
  • Fresh Green Peas
  • Lactel Fruity Mixed Berries 125g

Shopping with Mofemart.ng

Are you looking for the right e-commerce website where you can purchase groceries online in Lagos? Mofemart operates between the hours of 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, we open between 10 in the morning and 6 in the evening.

We offer same-day delivery for orders placed earlier in the morning. Late-evening orders can be delivered the next day.

We have also streamlined the payments with the integration of multiple online payment options. You can pay for your groceries with your debit cards (MasterCard, VISA and Verve), as well as through the Paystack payment processing platform. Call or send a message to +234 8028129470 to place your order.

2. Liam Mart

Liam Mart is an online grocery platform in Nigeria that makes faster deliveries in Lagos. The platform sells different kinds of groceries and foods, ranging from frozen foods, snacks and fresh foods. They also sell canned & dry foods, cereals & bread and vegan foods.

Delivery Options

According to the information on the site, Liam Mart makes 24-hour delivery. Once you place your order, you get it the same day in Lagos.

However, orders placed outside Lagos Nigeria will be delivered the next day.

3. Supermart

Supermart is your favorite online grocery store in Lagos, Nigeria. The store helps aggregate different groceries from leading brands like Lipton, Golden Morn, Boulos, McVities and Colgate.

Supermart sells different kinds of groceries, such as:

  • Fresh Food: eggs, fruits, yoghurt & desserts, cheese, bread and vegetables.
  • Snacks: cocktail snacks, Indian snacks, biscuits & wafers, popcorn, beef rolls & cakes and chocolates.

Shop Your Hampers Online at Supermart

Hampers are collections of different products packaged into a basket. Supermart sells Christmas Hampers. For as low as 3,000 Naira, you can get a hamper.

The following is a list of some of the Christmas hampers:

  • Elegance hamper
  • Premium hamper
  • Carry go superior hamper
  • Deluxe hamper and;
  • Super saver hamper

Processing Your Order on Supermart

Supermart offers different payment options to help you complete your payment in real-time. The payment options include but are not limited to:

  • Bank deposit and
  • Bank transfer

To streamline the payments, consider using the Supermart e-Wallet option that allows you to make a pre-loading of your account. The platform will confirm your payment and credit the amount in your account so you can use the same to pay for your purchases.

4. Foodlocker

Foodlocker is a subsidiary of Foodlocker Africa Inc. The mart specializes in making online grocery shopping easier for users.

Although it is based in Ibadan, Nigeria, Foodlocker also makes deliveries to Lagos, Nigeria every Thursday. So, you want to place your orders before that day to have them delivered.

What They Sell

Foodlocker makes online food shopping easier with the hosting of different food items. The list of products includes:

  • Cereals
  • Baby food
  • Drinks
  • Condiments
  • Biscuits
  • Staples
  • Provisions
  • Fish & seafood
  • Superfoods and;
  • Snacks

5. The Market Food Shop

This is the online food market for Nigerians. The Market Food Shop processes both retail and wholesale orders for groceries.

The categories of groceries and foods in the mart are:

  • Natural Products
  • Ready to Eat: Coconut Candy, Abuja Kilishi and Bonga Fish. Others are Kuli-Kuli, Dried Shredded Meat, Corn Snack, Fried Snails and Coconut Chips.
  • Frozen Food: Turkey Gizzard, Croaker Fish, Tilapia Fish, Frozen Chicken and Titus Mackerel Fish.
  • Fresh Foods: Benue Yam, Broiler Chicken, Afang Soup Pack, Cow Beef, Bitter Leaf Soup Ingredient Pack, Cauliflower and Broccoli.

6. 247Foods

As the name suggests, 247Foods makes round-the-clock delivery of groceries in Nigeria. It is pertinent to mention that this mart simplifies online grocery shopping in Lagos, by making the site available for shopping. You can also contact them via their WhatsApp line or telephone number to place your order.

Online Grocery Shopping Categories

The following are some of the groceries and foods available on 247Foods:

  • Grocery/Daily Needs Store: Jopadei Kuli-Kuli, Quaker Oat – Refill, Chivita Exotic Juice Pineapple, Nestle Nesquik and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
  • General Food Store: Golden Penny Spaghetti, Carlini Pure Canola Oil, Fresh Corn, Palm Oil.
  • Meat/Frozen Food Store: Fresh Jumbo Snails (Deshelled), Boneless Fillet Chicken, Chicken Gizzard, Kote Fish, Cow Tail and Full Ram (Slaughtered).

How to Get Fast Delivery for Your Lagos Grocery Shopping

How to Get Fast Delivery for Your Lagos Grocery Shopping


Groceries can be shopped for online and paid for too. The list of grocery shops listed in this article are some of the best places to place your order in Lagos.

When it comes to delivery, you want to choose the marts that offer same-day delivery. Mofemart makes same-day delivery for orders placed before closing hours. However, we can defer late orders to the next day.

To facilitate your delivery, consider making payments online for your groceries. That way, the online grocery shop processes your order and ships the same to your designated address.

Final Words

Shopping for groceries and other important household items has become a necessity for Lagos residents, especially when you consider that most of the residents are working class. By using Mofemart, you can purchase your favorite groceries, food items and other important household items at affordable prices online in Lagos. Call or send a message to +234 8028129470 to place your order.

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