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King’s Oil 5litre/1CTN – NGN32,300


king oil 5ltr

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King’s Oil 5litre

Introducing King’s Cooking Oil in the convenient 5-litre packaging – your trusted partner in the kitchen for culinary excellence. Our cooking oil is crafted to elevate your dishes to new heights while keeping your family’s health a top priority.

Key Features:

  • Pure Excellence: King’s Cooking Oil is a masterpiece of quality and taste. Made from a meticulously selected blend of premium vegetable oils, it imparts a neutral flavor to your recipes, allowing the natural goodness of your ingredients to shine.
  • Health-First: We care about your well-being. King’s Cooking Oil is free from harmful additives and is loaded with essential nutrients, making it a heart-healthy choice for your daily cooking needs.
  • High-Heat Hero: Achieve culinary perfection with our high smoke point cooking oil. It is your go-to option for deep frying, stir-frying, and all high-heat cooking methods, ensuring your dishes turn out crispy and delightful.
  • Fast Delivery: We understand the value of your time. Our commitment to prompt delivery ensures that your 5-litre King’s Cooking Oil arrives swiftly at your doorstep. No delays, just pure convenience.
  • Affordable Excellence: King’s Cooking Oil offers a standard selling price that makes premium quality cooking oil accessible to all. You can enjoy the finest culinary experiences without stretching your budget.

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King’s Cooking Oil isn’t just about cooking; it’s about creating moments, forging connections, and nurturing your loved ones with love-filled meals. It’s the choice of those who demand excellence without compromise.



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