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Bridle Unsalted Butter


Bridle Unsalted Butter
200g × (40 units/carton)
Prc/piece: 1,245 NGN
Prc/carton: 49,765 NGN

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Buy Bridle Unsalted Butter200 g on Arla Butter Unsalted 200 g is an all purpose butter. It’s perfect for spreading on bread, baking topping veggies and pasta, melting over homemade pancakes or waffles. It is simply butter that does not contain added salt. It is an excellent source of energy and calories and consists of saturated fats, mono-saturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats, plenty of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Cholesterol. Arla Butter Unsalted contains high levels of carotene, an essential nutrient for human beings.

Carotene contributes to human health in two ways, either turning into antioxidants, or converting into vitamin A. In terms of antioxidants, about 60% of carotene taken in by the body is changed into these disease-fighting compounds in the body. These antioxidants are anti-infectious and can provide a boost to your immune system. Since vitamin A is fat-soluble, it can benefit those parts of the body that have fat-soluble membranes, like the skin, eyes, mouth, throat, as well as the urinary and digestive tracts. There, it can promote cell regrowth and repair, protecting it from vulnerability to infectious substances. Furthermore, vitamin A helps to boost the immune system by encouraging the production of lymphocytes, the immune system’s defensive cells that defend against viruses and various diseases. High levels of vitamin A can improve your defenses against respiratory infections, as well as autoimmune diseases. Arla Butter Unsalted is available online for sale in Nigeria at Buy this on We can’t do without butter.

It’s there in the morning when we eat our toast, it’s there when we need it to cook lunch and dinner. Let’s not forget it’s probably one of the most important ingredients when baking. Butter typically comes in two varieties – salted and unsalted. We’ve got both, so just select the butter that’s best for you and enjoy it with all your meals. If you want to find the best price of butter in Nigeria, then this is the right place. At, you can order online and get same-day delivery in Lagos. For those who don’t know where to buy butter in Nigeria, you may check supermarkets near me and local shops in your neighbourhood but for convenience and peace of mind, it’s better to shop online. It may be worthwhile also doing a search for grocery delivery near me to find it at a cheap rate.

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One of the first questions customers ask about a product is – how much does it cost? And the answer is – not a lot if you’re buying online from With a good recipe, you’ll be able to know how to prepare a great tasting dish with this. Whether it’s a family recipe or one developed by a renowned chef, there are so many possiblities to make something delicious and nutritious that will leave your guests licking their lips. As long as you know how to cook, it should be easy to make something nice in the kitchen. This is a time-tested ingredient so knowing how to make it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Adding this as part of your regular meal plan can help you maintain a balanced diet. If you want to know the health benefits, check the ingredients and contents which will be stated on the packaging if available.

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