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Full Details of What Online Store Sells in Lagos

What does Mofemart online store in Lagos sell

Lagos State, the former capital of Nigeria and one of the leading commercial hubs in the country, is home to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and established online store brands alike. Considering the daily hustle and bustle, the long hours spent moving around the state and having lots of activities to do – it might be almost impossible to stock-up your house. Thankfully, you can use our platform, to buy up to 60% of your household food items.

Which online grocery store is the best in Lagos, Nigeria? is the leading online store that specializes in providing supermarket and grocery items with home delivery available in Lagos State.

This article highlights some of the products we sell at

Bedding Sets & Collections

This product category is targeted at new parents who are looking to keep their newborns safe. On the list are the:

  • Foldable Mosquito Net: this mosquito net is not just foldable, but is also easy to assemble, durable and suitable for all ages and skin types. You can count on it to keep your family safe from mosquito bites during the day and at night.
  • Mattress Protector: want to keep your mattress safe and free of allergens and bug infestations? You need the 100% cotton, 4.5 x 6 mattress protector. It is specially designed to prevent bug infestations and allergens on your mattress while insulating warmth and comfortable breathing for you.

Baby Products

Want your newborn to eat decent meals that not only enhance their brainpower but also boost energy? Our line of baby products offers just that.

The following are some of the baby products you can find on

  • Kellogs moon and stars
  • Dano vita kids children’s milk
  • Peak full cream
  • Peak 1,2,3 Tin (refill)
  • Kellogs cocopops box
  • Peak baby infant formula (tin)


For now, doesn’t retail wines and spirits. We deal more on energy drinks and yoghurts. For our yoghurts, we have the following:

  • Dano Yoghurt

If you are looking to buy energy drinks either for you or your kids, rest assured that the following items are the perfect fit for that purpose:

  • Dano cool cow (refill)
  • Dano full cream milk (refill)
  • Dano full ream milk
  • Dano vita kids chldren’s milk

Other drinks available at our store are:

  • Elle and Vire Cream Cheese
  • Dano slim milk (refill)

Food Cupboard

The food cupboard is basically the groceries section on Here, you will find a cross-section of groceries you can find in other offline supermarkets.

We have gathered all these and made them readily available for you to shop online and have them delivered to the doorstep of your Lagos home.

The following are some of the groceries you can buy on Mofemart at this time:

  • Country fresh vanilla
  • Bridle unsalted butter
  • Ambassador unsalted butter
  • Bama mayonnaise
  • Cadbury caramello ice cream
  • Dairy maid country fresh choca-cara-nilla

You can view the full collection of groceries via this link.

Packaged Foods

In need of food that you can use to make meals faster? Mofemart online store, Lagos has a cross-section of packaged foods. On the list are:

  • TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes
  • Frangosul Chicken Frank

Mile 12 Market

Despite the bustles of the city, there is one market that most Lagosians don’t fail to visit if they have the time to spare. It is the Mile 12 Market. With the full name as the Mile 12 International Market, it is widely acclaimed for being a rallying point for many Lagosians looking to get food items at decent prices.

One thing is outstanding about this market though – fresh (perishable) food items are mostly sold here. From your tomatoes to peppers and vegetables, you can be sure of finding them here.

However, it is mostly crowded, as sellers and buyers alike from different parts of the country (and even from neighboring countries) come here for their daily food transactions.

You don’t want to be pushing your way through the crowd, and being undecided on what to buy after seeing lots of food items on display at affordable prices.

That is why we have brought the popular Mile 12 Market online. On, you can buy almost all the items you find in Mile 12 Market from our platform – right from the comfort of your home.

We have also added a list of other items you may be interested in. Here is a list of some of the food items you can shop on Mofemart’s Mile 12 Market:

Dry Foods

These refer to the foods or consumables you can eat without having to recook them. On the list are the popular Kilishi and the Eyinimofe Deboned Shawa Fillet.

Fresh Meat

We understand the challenges that come with having meat stored without losing taste by the time you are ready to use it.

We have taken measures to prevent that from happening by offering a variety of fresh meats on You can choose from any of the following:

  • Turkey ham
  • Minced meat beef
  • Tulip pepperoni


As our way of improving your poultry intake, we have made a list of poultry items you can choose from on our online store. The list cuts across chicken (the most popular), gizzard and sausages.

  • Mini Raisin Whirl
  • Chicken wings
  • Chi Smoked Whole Chicken
  • Chi Beef Sausage Meat
  • Chi Chicken Laps
  • Chi Value Sausage
  • Doux Sausage
  • Gizzard
  • Chi Whole Dressed Chicken

Sea Foods

We also have a wide range of seafood items you can buy on Mofemart. We have:

  • Peeled shrimps
  • Peeled jumbo tiger prawns
  • Titus fish (mackerel)
  • Salmon fillets
  • Turkey bacon (slice)
  • Smoked salmon fillets
  • Peeled king tiger prawns

Vegetables also retails over 10 different vegetables and offers real-time delivery for the same in Lagos. Our vegetable food items include:

  • Broccolis
  • Fresh green peas
  • Golden Phoenix French Fries
  • Boreal mixed vegetables
  • Fresh mixed vegetable

Why Order from Online Store in Lagos?

There’s no doubt that there are tens of online stores in Lagos, but stands out for the following reasons: excellent food item collections, fast delivery and good customer support.

We take the stress of shopping for groceries in Lagos off you. With the click of a few buttons, you can add groceries and other food items to your cart, pay online and have them delivered to you in Lagos before the end of the day.



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