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Jollof rice is an all-time favourite meal in Nigeria and indeed across most parts of West Africa. And you’ll find that each country has their own version of how to cook it. There have been decades-long arguments as to jollof rice origin but as proud Nigerians, it should be no surprise that we will vote for jollof rice Nigerian any day. Learning how to make it is a rite of passage for every youngster in your early teens, mums will often get ingredients including seasoning and will teach their kids the fine art either using a recipe from a cookbook or one they were taught themselves. Back in the day, you’d have to go to the local markets to get ingredients but today, you can get them all online on Most people eat it plain while others mix it up. No owambe is complete without serving our signature smoky version we love so much. At most Nigerian parties, you’ll find it served with chicken in abundance. The food will typically have been made by middle-aged women who know how to cook it expertly and they would have learned this using Nigerian recipes handed down to them by their mothers and grandmothers.


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