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Where and How to Buy Nigerian Kilishi Online at an Affordable Price

Kilishi is a Nigerian beef jerky that you can now easily buy online. Also called meat jerky, beef jerky is a term used to describe thin strips of meat that are cut and dehydrated to prevent spoilage. According to Wikipedia, Kilishi became a necessary measure to prevent meat spoilage, as it could potentially last for months due to the preservatory methods used when preparing it.

Today, thousands of Nigerians have not just used Kilishi as a meat preservation method. They have also taken to eating Kilishi as a snack. From Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to Lagos and mainstream cities like Enugu, Port Harcourt and Kano, you can find this snack as one of the most-consumed.

However, due to the stressful preservatory methods, you may want to buy the end product rather than make one from the start. If that is the case, we are pleased to point you to some of the places where you can buy Nigerian Kilishi online – no matter where you are.

Buy Nigerian Kilishi from Instagram

By placing your order for Nigerian Kilishi online, you are simply asking the seller to confirm the availability of the snack, process the delivery and have it delivered to your designated address.

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform under Meta, has become a potential platform to shop for Kilishi. One of the reasons for the popularity is that vendors tend to display live images and videos of the Kilishi.

To buy Kilishi on Instagram, you have to follow the best sellers. Here is a list of the top Nigerian Kilishi sellers on Instagram:

1. Mofemart

Where is the best place to buy kilishi online at an affordable price in Lagos, Nigeria? Mofemart.ng is the best online store to purchase quality and tasty kilishi in Lagos, Nigeria. Mofemart is an online store cum mart serving Lagos, Nigeria. We have a variety of Nigerian Kilishi in our store and we make real-time deliveries within and outside Lagos.

Here is a list of our Nigerian Kilishi:

  1. Plesky Beef Jerky: this goes for 1,200. It is a freshly-processed Kilishi from Abuja, Nigeria and available to be ordered in bulk quantities. It is available in the following sizes: 35g, 80g, 90g and 150g.
  2. Kilishi – Big Plastic: this is a 120g of Kilishi, packaged in a plastic plate. It weighs 0.12kg and retails for 1,200 per plate.
  3. Kilishi – Small Sachet: working on a budget but still craving the Nigerian Kilishi? Don’t worry; we have a package for you. The Small Sachet Kilishi is a 30g Kilishi retailing for 300.

To place your order for quality, hygienically prepared, tasty and original kilishi call Mofemart.ng at +2348028129470.

2. Matasa Abuja Kilishi

This is a Kilishi seller in Abuja, Nigeria. Matasa Abuja Kilishi mainly covers the nation’s capital, but can also make waybill deliveries for orders outside the FCT.

To place your order, visit the online shop for kilishi to get different sizes.

3. Mandnkilishi

If you are looking to buy Nigerian Kilishi online in Lagos, one of the best-sellers has to be Mandnkilishi.

What makes this seller different, you may ask? After taking a look at the Instagram page (which appears to be new), we came to the following conclusions:

  • Packaging: Mandnkilishi makes an excellent package of the Kilishi, by using branded nylons. This adds an extra layer of protection to the product until the last consumption.
  • Affordability: Don’t forget that we are talking about Nigerian Kilishi that you can afford. With as little as 1,000, you should be able to have a packet of the Mandnkilishi.

If you are interested in ordering kilishi online, call us today or send a WhatsApp message at +2348028129470.

4. Kilishi By Shims

This is another Kilishi seller but with the difference that deliveries are not limited to one state. You can place your order call, +2348028129470.

Kilishi By Shims makes nationwide deliveries and operates on a payment-before-delivery basis.

5. First Lady Kilishi

The title on the Instagram bio says “Nigeria’s No1 Kilishi.” With over 1,000 followers and about 380 posts at the time of writing, there is no doubt that First Lady Kilishi has grown a base of satisfied Kilishi buyers on Instagram.

The following are some of the reasons why you should buy from this seller:

Streamlined Process

First Lady Kilishi has different optimized profiles on her Instagram page. You get to see the:

  • Reviews from previous and existing customers
  • The processes of making the Kilishi
  • The Kilishi Menu and;
  • The Kilishi Packs

How to Order Kilishi

There are two major ways to order Nigerian Kilishi online from First Lady Kilishi. You can do that by either sending a Direct Message to +2348028129470.

First Lady Kilishi also does refunds if the order didn’t go as planned.

Buy Nigerian Kilishi at Online Stores

Another way to buy the popular thin strips of meat in Nigeria is by visiting some of the top online stores.

We have made a list of some of these stores and some of the options they have available.

6. The Market Foodshop

The Market Foodshop is another popular online store that retails Nigerian Kilishi. Unlike Mofemart, it appears not to have a low-end offer for the snack, as the one we found on the site retails for 5,000 to 10,000.

Below is the information regarding the Kilishi from this online store:

  • Spicy: the snack is medium heat.
  • Variations: it has both the medium pack and the big pack, which retail for 5,000 and 10,000, respectively.
  • Delivery Information: For now, The Market Foodshop only makes deliveries of the snack within the country.
  • Nutritional Information: the following are the nutritional components – 3g of carbohydrates, 123 calories, 1g of fat and 20g of protein. The aforementioned are for the 100 grams of Nigerian Kilishi.

How to Order Nigerian Kilishi Online


If you are looking to buy and have the snack delivered to your home, it is pertinent for you to make a decision on where and how to order.

The common options are to go through Instagram and pick some of the best offers from any of the vendors we mentioned in this article. You can either send them a DM on Instagram or chat with them on their respective WhatsApp lines.

If you want to buy from Mofemart or any of the online stores, browse through the list of Kilishi and add the ones you want to your cart. Enter the delivery information, make an online payment and wait for your order to arrive.


Nigerian Kilishi never goes out of style. Even outside the shores of the country, it is well-appreciated and has become one of Nigeria’s most popular snacks. With as little as 300, you can place an order for the Plesky Beef Jerky from Mofemart and have it delivered within 24 hours anywhere you are in Nigeria.

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