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10 Items You Can Put in Your Christmas and Valentine’s Day Hamper this Season and Where to Buy Them in Lagos

Where can I buy a hamper for Christmas and Valentine’s Day in Lagos, Nigeria? Mofemart.ng is the most reliable online store to purchase your Christmas and Valentine’s Day hamper in Lagos. A hamper is a basket or box intended for carrying foods and items meant as gifts. Hampers are presented as gifts at different times of the year, but it is mostly done during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Do you need ideas of the items to put in your Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper this season? Read this article to find out.

1. Chocolate Christmas Hamper

Chocolates make great gifts and if you are looking at getting the best Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper, adding a couple of chocolates to it is a good idea.

One thing you must do is to vary the gifts, by choosing different chocolates. Due to concentration, eating one type of chocolate might not be savory for the taste bud. But when you throw in two or more types of chocolates, it makes sense.

2. Drinks

If there is one item that should not be missing in a Christmas hamper, it has to be drinks. From champagne to energy drinks and soda, you don’t want to leave out any drink in your hamper.

And when it comes to choosing a drink for the Christmas hamper, there are lots of choices to pick from. Depending on the recipient, you can choose from champagne and energy drinks.

If you prefer energy drinks, especially if the recipient is a family with lots of children, it makes sense to go for specific energy drinks.

At Mofemart, we offer a variety of energy drinks meant to boost the energy of kids and make them lively. The list of energy drinks we retail includes:

  • Milo energy food drink
  • Peak full cream and;
  • Peak filled milk

We also retail the following drinks:

  • Lactel Dessert Vanilla
  • Kolios Halloumi
  • Lactel Dessert Nature Plain and;
  • Lactel Fruity Mixed Berries: this is a fat-free yoghurt, designed to help you lose fat while maintaining a good digestive system.

You can also add wines & spirits to your Christmas hamper. This works best if you are looking to present the hamper to an elderly person. For the best results, consider buying wines and spirits that have a little alcohol percentage.

3. Aromatherapy Products can Go 

Sometimes, people limit the items to be added to a Christmas hamper to wines, spirits, chocolates and other sweet treats. Yet, some other items can be added and they will make great gifts.

Aromatherapy products refer to some of the daily products needed in the home and which will serve a great deal for the recipients.

Examples of the aromatherapy products you want to add to the Christmas hamper are:

  • Toilet soap
  • Candles
  • Hand creams and;
  • Diffusers

4. Throw in some Canned Foods

It is Christmas and everyone has one thing or another doing. With lots of places to visit, many visitors to attend to and getting sapped of energy at the end of the day; most people wouldn’t be able to cook a decent meal to eat after all these activities.

It would be a great idea if you can throw some canned foods into the Christmas hamper. That way, your loved ones get to make good meals in the nick of time.

The best-canned foods are those that can double as ingredients. We have one on Mofe Mart called TRS Plum Peeled Tomatoes. It is a 400g tomato juice that can be used to prepare rice or other grains for the festive season.

5. Consumables Make Great Christmas Hampers

Items to put in your Christmas or Valentines Day hamper in Lagos

This is perhaps, one of the Christmas hamper ideas you have ignored. You are not alone because some givers also overlook it, but having some consumables in the hamper can make all the difference.

Consumables in this case include but are not limited to food spices, tea things (milk and coffee), sauce and butter spread. You can also buy canned foods like corned beef, baked beans, hot dog, green peas and sweet corn.

6. Non-Consumables Can also Go

Just like the consumables, non-consumable items can also be added to a Christmas hamper. As the name suggests, these are items that cannot be consumed or eaten.

On the list are:

  • Shampoo
  • Stainless steel pots
  • Air fresheners
  • Dish sets
  • Liquid soap and;
  • Wine glasses

7. Be Creative

One of the best ways to come up with Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper ideas is to be creative about it. We have so far made a list of 6 different Christmas hamper ideas you can try.

Which Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper idea has occurred to you? It could be adding a few gift cards to the hamper. It could also be buying a bundle of one item and sending to your loved ones.

Whichever the case might be, the goal is to come up with something unique.

8. Let there be Wine

Some Christmas hampers can be wine throughout. The unique way to go about it is to make a collection of different wines and pack them in one basket.

You can also vary between alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. Red wines are also a great idea to buy in your hamper package in Lagos.

9. Get a Food Hamper

We have seen people go contrary to the convention of buying wines, canned foods and sweet treats as Christmas hampers. One popular trend now is to buy a hamper filled with lots of food.

As this is Christmas, it makes sense to buy more of consumable items than items that can be “snacked on.”

If you are feeling adventurous, it will be a perfect idea to buy 5 kg of rice, a paint of beans, and a couple of cooking items and spice it up with a bottle of red wine.

10. Make it Count with Cards

Besides the joy of Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the thrills of reuniting with loved ones and lots of things to feast on, there is also a greater deal with enjoying premium entertainment.

Why don’t you add more of cards to the Christmas or Valentine’s Day hamper you want to buy in Lagos? This could be gift cards, as well as tickets to some movies.


The Christmas season is a time to reflect on the events of the year, plan for the New Year and reel in the enjoyments that come with the season. While the Valentine’s Day season is the time to express your love. When you buy a hamper for your loved one via our online store in Lagos, you will make them feel loved.

Got loved ones who you want to appreciate? Take a look at the Christmas hamper ideas we shared in this article and run with any of them. Call us at +2348028129470 or visit our online store to start shopping for your hamper in Lagos – https://mofemart.ng/shop/